Important Information

For a parking lot there will be an additional payment

Parking Lot

If you come to us by car, you will need a parking lot. As we have very limited options at La Secreta Caprichosa itself, it is important that you tell us upfront, so we can check and confirm availability with our neighbors. If they have a parking lot available (this is normally the case, just …

Price: $100 / Per Day / Per Accommodation

Additional cleaning services come with an extra cost

Cleaning service

All our rooms get a full cleaning service every time our guests are changing. During your stay, the room will be cleaned two times per week, in peak season every two days. Towels and sheets get changed every 6 days. We do not wash your dishes. If you prepare meals in your kitchen, please wash …

Price: $250 / Once / Per Accommodation

You can rent beach towels from us

Beach Towels

Shower towels are included in the room price. If you also want to have beach towels, you can get them from us. The cost is 130 pesos per towel. If you need them to be changed, send Marisol a Whattsapp and she will get back to you shortly!

Price: $130 / Once / Per Guest

Ask us before you book if you want to bring a pet or a dog to La Secreta Caprichosa

Pets Policy

We like pets, no question about it. But since we have already experienced quite a bit, and guests arrived here with numerous dogs of all sorts, we need to ask you to briefly ask us before booking. After your stay with a pet, we also have to contract a fumigation service for  the entire room. …

Price: $300 / Once / Per Accommodation