Tlao is a beautiful and affordable accomodation for a couple, located on the lowest floor of La Secreta. The double bed comes with a mosquito pavilion and you can get an additional hammock inside your room if you want to.

Built as a loft, Tlao also comes with a small private kitchenette and a table for eating or working. The private bathroom ans shower are on the ouside, at the other side of the stairs.

Tlao does not have a private terrace, but you are welcome to use our shared celestial terrace to enjoy the ocean view, do some yoga or simply check your emails.

Check out the the following pages before booking if you need a parking spot, beach towels or wish to bring your dog to La Secreta Caprichosa. When you book your hotel room, you can select all the additional services you desire.

If you are planning to stay longer than six days, please contact us. There are discounts for long-term stays.


Prices start at: $700 per night


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