House Rules

1) La Secreta is not responsible for any accidents that guests may have in its facilities.

2) Since neither Mazunte nor the surrounding communities have enough water to supply the demand, we do NOT have hot water, and to save water, we provide buckets in each kitchen for conscientious washing. At El Nautilus, El Estudio and La Selva, you can use it to pour it later on the plants in the surrounding gardens. The soap we provide is biodegradable.

3) NEVER throw paper in the toilet, we have a septic tank.

4) Shower with awareness of the lack of water.

5) QUIET HOURS: Because Mazunte is a “sounding board”, and so is La Secreta with its 5 lofts and common spaces, quiet hours start at 10 pm. If you listen to music, use headphones, if there are two or three of you, lower the volume considerably, both of the music and movies, as well as your own voice: turn it down a few notches.

6) As in all of Mexico, the tip is a manifestation that you are doing things right and that you are receiving a good treatment. And the team is thankful for it.

7) Changes of sheets, towels and other kitchen linens, on long stays, are every 6 days. In case you have bigger quantities of organic waste, please take it out of your kitchen where there are cans for you to deposit it – separate the meat, chicken, fish, vegetables and fruits, please ask where the buckets are so that you can do it yourselve.

7.1) Please, all waste must be thrown in their respective baskets, CLEAN, never throw a tetrapack, or a dirty can. If you do so, they will not take the garbage away and we are in big trouble.

7.2) The rooms are cleaned regularly but NOT the kitchen utensils, you have to do that yourselves.

8) Take care of what is in the kitchen and in the room, in case you break something, please tell us and pay for it.

9) In case you lose the keys to the room or the safe, you will have to pay 500 pesos.

10) You can rent beach towels for $130 pesos. You NEVER take shower and bath towels to the beach.

11) Parking costs 100 pesos per day.

12) There is the possibility of renting a Scooter for $250 pesos per day.

13) Access to La Secreta in its entirety, is only for guests, not for those who are NOT staying at La Secreta. In case you would like to invite someone for dinner, please let the TEAM know in advance, and remember that at 10:00 p.m. there can be no more noise.

14) NEVER leave the street doors open. There are two entrances, the first, on the right hand side of La Secreta, is for El Tlao and La Selva. There is another wooden door, on the left hand side, for El Estudio, El Nautilus and La Luna.

15) From Monday to Saturday, our TEAM is at La Secreta from 9 am to 5 pm, if you arrive after these hours, or on Sunday, please call 0052 958 143 9770: Marisol, in Spanish, and 0052 958113 40 28, Eva, in German, English, Spanish.

16) Due to the lack of water, there are businesses that wash clothes in town, or you can give them to Marisol or Lorena to wash for a cost similar to what they charge in Mazunte.

17) For long stays, purified bottled water is available on the communal terrace for $25 pesos

18) ALWAYS turn off lights and fans when leaving, otherwise, for more than one occurrence, a fine of $50 pesos will be charged.

19) For long stays, when the gas tank runs out, the Secreta pays 50% of the cost of the gas, and the guests, the other 50%. The price varies.

20) For long stays, guests buy their own soaps and toilet paper.