How To Find Us

La Secreta Caprichosa is pretty easy to find.

Arriving in Mazunte on main street, turn left or right (depending where you come from) on Andador Rinconcito, the main road to Rinconcito Beach. After about 170 meters, you arrive at a very discreet alley on the right side, located right before the Pizzeria Mayahuel.

This alley called Armadillo is made out of river stones in the beginning, further up it changes to just ground. Be careful when you arrive by car and it is wet!The alley can be slippery and your tires could skid!

Before arriving at La Secreta, you will pass Luna de Miel and Casitas. On the right hand side you will find two entrances. For the rooms Tlao and Selva it is the entrance on the right, for Estudio, Nautilus and Luna it is the entrance on the left hand side.

Before arriving please send a Whattsapp or give a call to Marisol +52 958 143 9770, so she can receive you there and bring you to your room.

Armadillo Street with the restaurant El Mayahuel at the corner
Anohter view on Armadillo Street, where you can see the corner on the other side.
Just follow the street until you arrive at La Secreta Caprichosa!

Of course you can also just simply google us and follow the instructions on Google Maps!