La Luna

Our loft Luna is located at the top of La Secreta. With it’s two double beds, it offers space for families up to 4 persons. It comes with it’s own kitchenette, a private bathroom and shower and a closet

An absolute highlight is Luna’s private terrace. It is equipped with a hammock and beach chairs and offers a stunning view over the bays of Mazunte & San Agustinillo, During the fall and winter months, you can enjoy spectacular sunrises over the sea from your bed or your terrace.

For larger families, Luna is ideal to be rented with Nautilus together, located one floor below.

If you need a parking lot, beach towels or you want to bring a pet with you or you, please have a look at these pages before booking! When you book a room, you can add all additional services you would like to get.

If you want to stay longer than 6 nights, contact us before booking. We have some attractive long term discounts available.

El Estudio

El Estudio is the first room that was built in La Secreta Mazunte in the year 2000. It offers enough space for up to 4 persons, and comes with a king size and a double bed. Optionally we can get in an additional individual bed, too.

The loft has its own kitchenette and is equipped with a stove, a coffee maker a blender and kitchen utensils.  It also has it’s own private bathroom with a shower. In front of the room is a semiprivate terrace with hammocks and another table to eat or work outside.

If you want to enjoy the sunrise or do some yoga, you have our beautiful shared terrace at your disposal.

Please check out the following pages before you book if you require a parking space, beach towels, or if you wish to bring your pet to La Secreta Caprichosa. You can choose all the extra services that you want when you book your room.

Contact us to book if you plan on staying longer than six nights. Long-term discounts are available.

La Selva

La Selva is a beautiful little bungalow or cabin. It’s center is a comfortable king size bed with mosquito pavilion. If you plan to come with a kid, we can put another individual bed in there as you can see on the photos.

The cabin offers you a well equipped kitchen with a stove, a coffee maker and a blender. You also have an eating table inside. A bathroom with a shower are private with access from the room.

La Selva’s private terrace has the shape of the bow of a ship. You can sit there and enjoy the view on the surrounding nature or at the ocean further away.

Before booking, check out these pages if you want a parking space, beach towels, or to bring your pet to La Secreta Caprichosa. You can choose all the extra services you want when you book your hotel.

Please contact us if you plan to stay more than six days. Long-term stay discounts are available.